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No Contract Cell Phone Plans Comparison Carriers

Have you ever confused about too many cell phone plans that offered carrier’s network. All of them claim that they have the best cell phone plans. This problem seems getting more complicated especially the ones who have no-contract. There is too many carriers’ network that offer no contract cell phone plans.  To overcome that problem, here I will help you comparing 10 carriers’ network in United States. They are Go Phone, Boost Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, Net10 Wireless, payLo, T-Mobile, Tracfone, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile. Go Phone, Net10 Wireless, T-Mobile, and TracFone are GSM carriers’ network. The rest of cell phones without contracts network providers are CDMA.

No Contract Cell Phone Plans

Before we go further, I would like to tell you that those 10 operator networks that offer plans for no contract cell phone have national coverage. Besides that, all of them have an ability to call to outside United States.

Pay As You Go Plans

The first no contract cell phone plans that we are to compare is Pay As You Go Plans. Sadly, not all of them offered this kind of plan. Only Go Phone, Net10 Wireless, payLo, T-Mobile, TracFone, and Verizon Wireless. Here are the details:

  • –          Go Phone: $0.10/minuteGirl With No Contract Cell Phone Plans
  • –          Boost Mobile: N/A
  • –          Cricket: N/A
  • –          MetroPCS: N/A
  • –          Net10 Wireless: $0.03/minute
  • –          PayLo: $0.20/minute
  • –          T-Mobile: $0.10/minute
  • –          TracFone: $0.06/minute
  • –          Verizon Wireless: $0.25/minute
  • –          Virgin Mobile: N/A

From the comparison, if you want to use Pay As You Go plans for your no contract phones, Net10 Wireless is the best answer.

Monthly Unlimited Calling Plans

The second plan for no-contract phones that caught our attention is monthly unlimited calling plans. This time, PayLo and TracFone didn’t participate in this area of expertise.

  • –          Go Phone: $50/month (excludes smartphones)
  • –          Boost Mobile: $50/month + $10 for BlackBerry
  • –          Cricket: $25/month
  • –          MetroPCS: $40/month
  • –          Net10 Wireless: $50/month
  • –          PayLo: N/A
  • –          T-Mobile: $50/month
  • –          TracFone: N/A
  • –          Verizon Wireless: $50/month (excludes smartphones)
  • –          Virgin Mobile: $55/month + $10 for BlackBerry

The cheapest no contract cell phone plans in terms of monthly paying for your no-contract phones is Cricket. With only $25 per month you can use unlimited calling plans. However if you want extra features, you should pay more. For your information, Boost Mobile and Verizon Wireless offer unlimited calling plans for one day. So in case you don’t want to pay monthly because you rarely use your no contract phones, I recommend those two network provider. You just spend $2 for Boost Mobile and $1.99 for Verizon Wireless.

 Cell Phone Plans

Texting or Messaging Plans

The cost of text each carrier’s network provider varies. Some of them give you unlimited text. Some of them charge when you send. And worst, there is which charge you when you received messages. Here are the detail lists:

  • –          Go Phone: Varies (included in unlimited plan, $19.99 per month, $9.99 for 1000 messages, and $4.99 for 200 messages)
  • –          Boost Mobile: included in unlimited plan
  • –          Cricket: included in unlimited plan but cost 10 cent for each international messages.
  • –          MetroPCS: included in unlimited plan
  • –          Net10 Wireless: Varies (included in unlimited plan or $0.05 per message)
  • –          PayLo: Varies ($0.15 and free for first 1500 messages. Depends on the plans)
  • –          T-Mobile: $0.10 for sending messages and $0.05 for receiving messages.
  • –          TracFone: three messages per minute.
  • –          Verizon Wireless: Varies (from $0.20 per message to $20 for unlimited text)
  • –          Virgin Mobile: included in all plan

So, if you are the kind of guy who does lots of texting, I recommend you to use the carrier’s network that offers unlimited text in their unlimited plans. However if you don’t do lots of texting, you can use Net10 Wireless especially for you who don’t subscribe monthly plans. It is because Net10 Wireless offers Pay As You Go in its no contract cell phone plans. You just pay $0.05 for each message. For the alternative of your no contract cell phone, T-Mobile is also recommended. The strangest one in this messaging plan comes from TracFone. It only allows you to text others three messages per minutes of airtime. It is very unique, isn’t it?

 No Contract Cell Phone Plans

Mobile Web or Data Plans

The last aspect that I would compare between no contract cell phone plans is data plan. Nowadays the use of data is the most essential part in the use of cell phone. I believe you will use internet in your no-contract phones. Ok, here there are the details of data plans for cell phones without contracts:

  • –          Go Phone: Varies (unlimited non-smartphone, $5 per month for  10 MB,  $15 per month for 100 MB, and $25 for 500 MB)
  • –          Boost Mobile: included in unlimited plan
  • –          Cricket: included in unlimited plan
  • –          MetroPCS: included in unlimited plan
  • –          Net10 Wireless: Varies (included in unlimited plan or $0.05 per message)
  • –          PayLo: Included in $30/month plan
  • –          T-Mobile: included in unlimited plan
  • –          TracFone: included in unlimited plan
  • –          Verizon Wireless: $0.99 per day
  • –          Virgin Mobile: included in all plan

Almost all carriers’ networks offer unlimited data plan. It is part of their way to be the best cell phone plans. If you look again on the monthly no contract cell phone plans, Cricket is the cheapest one. Only by paying $25 per month you can enjoy unlimited data plan. But remember. Cricket is CDMA operator network. It means if your no contract cell phone is GSM you can go to Go Phone, Net10 Wireless, or T-Mobile. All of them offer $50 per month as their monthly plan.

No Contract Cell Phone Plans Carriers Compare

No Contract Carrier Comparison Chart

After knowing the comparison of no contract cell phone plans, I can conclude that CDMA is cheaper than GSM. It means if you if you have not bought cheap phones wihout contract, I suggest you to buy cheap phones no contract with CDMA technology. However, if you already bought GSM no contract cell phone, you can choose carrier based on my comparison carrier’s network in US.

At the end, I conclude that the best CDMA no contract cell phone plans is from Cricket and for the GSM is from Net10 Wireless. However my conclusion is made from the information of price of the plans. It means you only use this information if you want to want to choose the right plan for your cell phones without contracts. Hopefully this information is useful for you.


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